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Welcome DMI Members to the 2020 DMI Expo Show Book

Visit the Show Event Website for show details at:

The show opens Sept 1st, 2020 and closes on Sept 30th, 2020

The 2020 NECO Fall Show book will officially be open on 9/1/2020 and will run the entire month of September. Due to the current world events and issues with limited inventory this Show book will feature Cash Back EOM's, Trailing Credits, & IR's which are this year’s Show Specials.

•      There will be no ordering of displays through the show book, instead you will only need to purchase through the DRS to earn Cash Back opportunities

•      This will allow you to purchase products when you need to replace your floor models (or when available) and not wait for show orders to be processed to fill holes on your floor

•      This will also allow us to offer members enhanced margins for a longer period of time vs the traditional floor display programs ran in the past


PLEASE REMEMBER you only need to enter your orders on the DMI-DRS system

To qualify for September EOMs or the Sept Trailing Credits - you must pull the merchandise in the month of September. 


Show Notes:

There is no limit to the number of units you can buy and receive the show program benefit. The show program benefits are not limited just to display merchandise. Whether the benefit is being ran as an EOM or a trailing credit, you can buy 1 or 100 or more and still qualify. 

In order to receive the show benefit, you must take the merchandise from DMI and be invoiced for the goods in September. Merchandise ordered in September and taken/invoiced in October and beyond does not qualify. This includes back ordered merchandise.


You do not need to enter these orders under process level “Show Orders”. They may be entered as “Warehouse Sales” as you would enter your orders normally. The order will still qualify for the show benefits. However, if you like to enter orders under process Show for your own reference that is ok too.


**This is the LIVE Show System**